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Updated 28th August 2015

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but please read the words before you do so!

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Regret that the webcam is offline until further notice.


The event organisers have established that none of the additional restrictions imposed by the CAA in the wake of the Shoreham accident effect the Fly-in which, subject to weather, will go ahead as planned.

Please watch the website for information nearer the day.  Timings shown below are subject to change.
28th August:  Forecast presently indicates that the wind will be variable from the south/SSE, therefore the runway may change from time to time.  Plan to join overhead rather than on long final where possible in order to better accommodate a change of runway.
The Red Arrows are expected to fly-past at 12.46 local - keep an eye on NOTAMs.
Expect a 'No Fly' period between 12.30 - 14.00 local.  Please plan your arrival & departure accordingly.
Please see the 'Events 2015' page below.  The event is signed from the A30 and the A357.


Note that cheques are not accepted at the airfield.  Cash or credit card payments only, please.
A small WIND TURBINE is situated near the airfield.  It is approx 300m south of the centreline on the approach to runway 07 about 600m short of the threshold.  It is 80ft AGL.   Two white blades make it easy to see.

*  Taxi with care.  All hard surfaces away from the runway are subject to erosion.   F.O.D is   possible.
* Op hours for visiting aircraft:  09.00 - 17.00 local, or sunset if earlier.
* We accept all the major credit cards for sums in excess of 10.

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